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Accounting is today seen as an integral part of every business entity, no matter which part of the world it is from. Earlier people used to do all the calculation tasks by hand, using their own mind, or perhaps with a calculator. With advent of computers and with companies creating their own versions of accounting software that could be run on these machines, the entire scenario changed drastically. However, despite offering a lot, most of these software came short on a number of aspects, thereby arising to need for something even better

Intuit Inc. was started with the idea of offering something more realistic and much more useful than all of the previous software versions. It brought our Quicken, which proved to be way too effective, but it too had its own share of drawbacks, especially when it came to double entry. Moreover it was good enough for end users only, thereby paving the way for QuickBooks, which is an amalgamation of a number of attributes from Quicken and from Double entry accounting package “MoneyCounts” from Parsons Technology, rights for which were bought by Intuit in the year 1994

QuickBooks as an accounting package is primarily meant for small business owners, especially those who never even got to have formal training in accounting. By 2000, the company had also developed Basic as well as Pro versions based upon the needs for the same, and by 2003 it had started to roll out customized versions for different industry types as well. QuickBooks is currently being offered in different versions for different countries, which include UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and more.

QuickBooks over the period of time has been integrated with a number of enticing features, which include remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, remote access capabilities, online banking and reconciliation, electronic payment functions, marketing options via Google, beside others. One can also make use of the online QuickBooks support page to get an answer for any query that he may have related to the use of this software. He just needs to key in his query in the allocated space, and the most appropriate resolution (s) would get populated right in front of him.

However, one may find himself short of options when it comes to availing live support for QuickBooks, for no such service is currently being offered by Intuit. Thus those who find the online module to be of little help, and wish to obtain live assistance, would have to look beyond the official support for QuickBooks, via independent service providers who offer their assistance over the phone in return for a fee.

If you too have been stuck in some tricky situation with your QuickBooks software, and have not been able to figure out some way to have it back up, simply pick up your phone and call us up. We pride ourselves to be working with some of the best QuickBooks experts who can always help you come out of your QuickBooks issues within a matter of time. To ensure delivery of quality services to you, we constantly train our team with the latest in technology so that their skill set is always up-to-date. We also would always encourage you to put forth any of questions related to your software, and our team would be glad to help you out with the same at the earliest.

As said earlier, we do ask for a fee over our services, and that is because we work as an independent service provider and have to ask for a fee in order to keep our services live. But we know that not all can afford the hefty fee that is being asked by others, and so we have set charges on all our packages as of nominal values, so that they always come light on your pocket and you never find them to be bothersome for you.

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